Good news, readers! The irritant known as Hardeep Singh Kohli, the paradigm E-list BBC mule who slowly invades the TV without you really noticing, is in hot water. Apparently he behaved ‘inappropriately’ towards a female member of staff on The One Show – read all about it here, and note how the Guardian laughably labels him a ‘comedian’.

Aside from HSK’s disgrace, the Kohli family in general look like a bit of a dodgy bunch. Most of them have been issued with warnings over their conduct as landlords, after several properties they own (they appear to have a mini-empire) were deemed ‘grubby and dirty’. They blamed all this attention on a ‘racist vendetta’, using brother Raj’s rather convenient position as the Met’s highest-ranking Sikh officer as a soapbox.

Anyway, the good news bit is that HSK’s been suspended from The One Show for 6 months, so there’ll be less of his mug on the telly. Having said that, I never actually watch The One Show. I did tune in once to gauge the alleged sexual tension between Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, but then I realised Eggheads was on at the same time.