It’s finally happened. We had M*A*S*H*, and then M*A*S*H*; we had Stargate, and then Stargate SG-1; and, most importantly, we had¬†Clueless, and then Clueless. But now, after the longest decade in history, we have lift-off: building on the success of 10 Things I Hate About You is the brand new… 10 Things I Hate About You.

Yes, they’ve uprooted the plot, replaced the late Heath Ledger’s character with a cross between James Dean and the plastic bag kid from American Beauty, and made the Shrew Kat hotter than her sister Bianca, but 10 Things… has finally been adapted for television.

It was indeed different in the film: Heath Ledger’s Verona was really quite cool – he smoked and everything; and the stunning Larisa Oleynik (Alex Mack, 3rd Rock From The Sun) was so much hotter than her on-screen sister Julia Stiles (Bourne series) who admittedly made quite a convincing Shrew. But just like Clueless did – with Stacey Dash, Donald Faison, and Eliza Donovan – 10 Things… kept the best bit from the film. Yes, Larry Miller reprises his role as the Stratford sisters’ ¬†overprotective father. Prepare for more of such classic lines as

I’m down, I’ve got the 411, and you are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don’t care how dope his ride is. My momma didn’t raise no foo’!

I’ve only seen the first episode, but I will be adding it to the list. Watch out for West Wing hottie Suzy Nakamura as the Principal, originally played by West Wing flamingo Alison Janney. And unfortunately the series doesn’t feature the delights of Kay Hanley and Letters To Cleo’s magnificent cover of Cheap Trick’s classic I Want You To Want Me, both of which I have had on repeat while writing this. Instead we have the saccharin KSM’s version which is, I suppose, more in keeping with the tone of the series.