So in about 10 minutes we find out whether England get the 2015 Rugby World Cup. I spent the morning refreshing the BBC Sport website until I discovered the live ticker at the IRB’s website. I’m already sucking up to anyone who might have access to premium tickets in 6 years. We probably won’t be sticking it to the Saffers any time soon, so winning the bid will just have to do. [Update – AWESOME]

In other news, Michael Vick is back. Once the highest-paid player in the NFL, Vick decided that money wasn’t enough and went on to mastermind an interstate dog-fighting ring for the better part of a decade. Stripped of his lucrative endorsement income, he was forced to file for bankruptcy – at the same time eating almost two years’ worth of porridge. So after serving his time, losing his contract with the Atlanta Falcons, and being publicly humiliated and reviled, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to… reinstate him.

Now I hate dogs as much as anyone, and betting on live dog-fight does sound quite a wheeze, but then I’m not a global role model. This fiasco demands the question – what do you have to do to get kicked out of the NFL? Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets caught cheating but keeps his job. But I’ll tell you who did get banned: MTV. Why? Because Janet Jackson’s boob fell out during a half-time show.