So after a fortnight’s break, Radio Free Puma is broadcasting again. Over the past couple of weeks, the new television season has been kicking off in the States with stuff like Bones (awesome), Gossip Girl (jury’s still out), and Supernatural (gets better with each passing day). And now the 7th and probably final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has begun, my Monday night comedy downloading fests have too.

I’m about to watch two shows: one is the first episode of the new Curb season, and the second is the new HBO show Bored To Death. I’m telling you this because I’m going to lay it on the line. I’m staking my reputation on this show being a laugh riot. I just read this review by someone called Rachel Ray, clearly not THE Rachel Ray – domestic goddess and cheeky sex-kitten. Well, I actually only read the first paragraph in case there are any spoilers:

Naming a tv sitcom ‘Bored to Death’ is playing with fire. And in this new HBO gamble, the creators get burned because this is a show that lives up to its unfortunate name.

My response is this: shut up, Rachel Ray 2 – you’re wrong. This show will be awesome, unlike you, who are not.

Strong words, I know. So in about half an hour I’ll watch Bored To Death, then I’ll read the review. If she’s right, I will write to her personally to apologise for my error; but if I’m right, as is so often the case, I’ll go to bed tonight dreaming the blissful dreams of a man who has found a new show to watch. And that doesn’t happen more than sixteen or seventeen times a year.