…at least if you’re a binge drinker, which, let’s face it, we all are. According to scientists at the University of California cannabis protects cells that are damaged by alcohol. In support of this someone called Paul Armentano said:

Alcohol and cannabis appear to have contrasting effects on the body…ethanol is clearly toxic to healthy and developing cells whereas cannabinoids appear to be relatively non-toxic and possibly even neuro-protective.

That’s good enough for me.


So in about 10 minutes we find out whether England get the 2015 Rugby World Cup. I spent the morning refreshing the BBC Sport website until I discovered the live ticker at the IRB’s website. I’m already sucking up to anyone who might have access to premium tickets in 6 years. We probably won’t be sticking it to the Saffers any time soon, so winning the bid will just have to do. [Update – AWESOME]

In other news, Michael Vick is back. Once the highest-paid player in the NFL, Vick decided that money wasn’t enough and went on to mastermind an interstate dog-fighting ring (more…)

My mother tells a funny story about a linguistic mix-up.

A couple she knows were going skiing with some friends and taking their daughter along with her boyfriend. The day before they left, the daughter broke up with the unfortunate chap, but since the holiday had been paid for in its entirety, he came along anyway. Having never skied before, and being on holiday with his now-ex-girlfriend and her parents, he was understandably looking glum while nursing a pint in the bar one evening when one of the family friends came over and commiserated, saying how miserable it must be for him. “Oh well,” he replied, “déjà vu…” (more…)

Good news, readers! The irritant known as Hardeep Singh Kohli, the paradigm E-list BBC mule who slowly invades the TV without you really noticing, is in hot water. Apparently he behaved ‘inappropriately’ towards a female member of staff on The One Show – read all about it here, and note how the Guardian laughably labels him a ‘comedian’.

Aside from HSK’s disgrace, the Kohli family in general look like a bit of a dodgy bunch. Most of them have been issued with warnings over their conduct as landlords, after several properties they own (they appear to have a mini-empire) were deemed ‘grubby and dirty’. They blamed all this attention on a ‘racist vendetta’, using brother Raj’s rather convenient position as the Met’s highest-ranking Sikh officer as a soapbox.

Anyway, the good news bit is that HSK’s been suspended from The One Show for 6 months, so there’ll be less of his mug on the telly. Having said that, I never actually watch The One Show. I did tune in once to gauge the alleged sexual tension between Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, but then I realised Eggheads was on at the same time.

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