Last Thursday (3rd September) was the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, a conflict that killed 60 million men, women and children, ravaged the face of much of the world, precipitated the downfall of Europe as the centre of world gravity, and which was, to a large extent, caused by the explosion of competing nationalist fervour throughout the world. To commemorate, I bought myself a jumper in Union Jack colours. (more…)


So Gordon Brown won’t interrupt his holiday to say something about the release of a convicted mass-murderer from prison. But he will respond to pressure to congratulate a sports team from a different country for winning a trophy smaller than a midget’s left bollock.

What a douche.

As a rugby union fan and noted Harlequins supporter Jet frequently feels shame. Usually when someone asks me what football team I support and I reluctantly have to confess that I’m more of a Quins man. A lot of people don’t realise that Harlequins is a club so awesome that Bob Dylan wrote a song about us. Which I can quote you directly: “come all without, come all within, you’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quin(n)”s.

Quins are so awesome in fact that we got to the quarter finals of the European Cup last year. And only lost by a point. Which is pretty hard to believe when you realise that Dean Richards, our coach, is a criminal mastermind so genius that he thought of a wheeze too blatant for anybody ever to suspect. (more…)

I have nothing to add


It’s just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life

Apparently Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite! If you want in no way conclusive proof then check out this article and video, brought to us by that most trustworthy of news sources, the Evergreen State College Examiner.

So the New York Times does an appraisal of Walter Cronkite that is riddled with avoidable errors. Quel dommage.

But now the Grauniad’s Media Monkey has a whole sneering blog post about it. This from a paper whose reputation for typographical atrocities is so great that they have registered the domain name so it redirects to their actual website.

This would never happen on RPF


Why is it that, like the proverbial London buses, films seem to come in twos?

There are a whole series of films that came out within a matter of months or even weeks of each other which share oddly similar themes, for example: Dante’s Peak and Volcano [which, incidentally, is graced with the brilliant tag line “The Coast is Toast”]; Deep Impact and Armageddon; Antz and A Bug’s Life; Mission to Mars and Red Planet; The Illusionist and The Prestige; Tombstone and Wyatt Earp; and, one from the old school, Turner & Hooch and K9.

This has to be more than a co-incidence. Whether it is because there is a hot script going round all the studios which gets made by one studio and the others make a similar (but invariably worse) movie, not wanting to miss out, or because they get wind of a rival’s big project, I can’t believe that all these films with similar plots and/or premises just happen to come out in the same year.


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