5 minutes ago, at the end of the pilot episode of new show Community, I heard a few bars of a song. No lyrics for me to put into Google, just a bit of a tune. While there’s probably an app for that, I don’t have an iPhone.

Anyway, a Google search for something like “song end community pilot tv” took me to a forum, where someone had already answered my question: the song, if you were wondering, is Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim.

I love the internet.


This is the future. I can’t be bothered to explain all the cool features but watch the video if you like that sort of thing. Also watch it if you like geeks making lame gags and using words like ‘shiny’ to mean cool. Which, by the way, they cribbed from Firefly, as well as the ‘Wave’ concept itself (or at least the name).