Three wrinkly gig suggestions for the autumn:


Probably of those ‘more important than they were good’ bands, join former Buzzcocks front man Howard Devoto for a night of post-punk. Everyone from Morrissey to Radiohead has covered them – check out their flagship tune Shot by Both Sides.

Dinosaur Jr

Back with the original line-up and a new record, Dinosaur Jr can’t really be classified as anything. Noisy yet melodic songs that don’t really go anywhere; heavy guitar solos, lots of feedback. And really really loud. Check out what they did to The Cure.

UK Subs

What’s not to love? An old school punk band fronted by a former R and B singer, and with tracks such as ‘Drunken Sailor’ and ‘666 Yeah’, the Subs have been going for 33 years and have gone through no less than 28 drummers. Also each of their albums starts with a different letter of the alphabet; they’ve got to V already so time is running out…


There’s no denying it. For the last two summers in this country we’ve been shortchanged by the weather and then some. We’ve stumbled into the meteorological kebab shop at quarter past three on a Friday night and handed over a twenty pound note for a chicken donner only to receive £2.50 in change. During July and August for both 2007 and 2008, as Southern Europe was getting Southern fried, in good old Blighty we were donning life jackets and learning how to swim (or not) as record floods swept the country.

This is not acceptable. The reason it’s such a slap in the face is that I’m a staunch defendant of the weather in this country and the constant cheap shots people take at it offend my blind patriotism. (more…)