Here’s another couple of new shows currently airing in the States:

The Cleveland Show: while Family Guy and American Dad conduct business as usual, Family Guys’s weakest character, Cleveland, has moved away from Spooner Street to star in his very own show. Predictably it’s appalling. It’s also an inevitability – you know you’re going to watch it, it’s just a matter of when.

FlashForward: Channel 5 made a huge song and dance about this new sci-fi drama, but something about all the hype never quite seemed right. Perhaps it was the involvement of John Cho (Harold of Harold and Kumar, and  one of the MILF guys from American Pie); it was hard to imagine that he could play a convincing FBI agent. Pretty much all the other cast members are Brits, which I suppose is why Channel 5 liked it so much. The only way it manages to get people to come back week after week is by using the cunning old ploy of ending every episode on a cliffhanger.

White Collar: not awful. A con man assists the agent who’s been chasing him in exchange for his freedom. Ish. It’s kinda fun, but a little too polished to be gripping.

Coming soon – the verdict on NCIS Los Angeles.


5 minutes ago, at the end of the pilot episode of new show Community, I heard a few bars of a song. No lyrics for me to put into Google, just a bit of a tune. While there’s probably an app for that, I don’t have an iPhone.

Anyway, a Google search for something like “song end community pilot tv” took me to a forum, where someone had already answered my question: the song, if you were wondering, is Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim.

I love the internet.

Obviously,  my time is valuable: there are only so many hours in a day, and I can only look at a screen for so long before my eyes start watering. Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the start of the TV season in the US, and here’s the verdict, pretty much in alphabetical order:

Accidentally On Purpose: a new “Cougar” sitcom with Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) and sexy Scot Ashley Jensen (Extras).  Cougar Elfman gets knocked up by a guy in his 20s who moves in with her. Jensen plays a gin-soaked slag; usually they get all the good lines. Usually. (more…)

So after a fortnight’s break, Radio Free Puma is broadcasting again. Over the past couple of weeks, the new television season has been kicking off in the States with stuff like Bones (awesome), Gossip Girl (jury’s still out), and Supernatural (gets better with each passing day). And now the 7th and probably final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has begun, my Monday night comedy downloading fests have too.

I’m about to watch two shows: one is the first episode of the new Curb season, and the second is the new HBO show Bored To Death. I’m telling you this because I’m going to lay it on the line. I’m staking my reputation on this show being a laugh riot. (more…)